Friendship Valentine

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Inks & Tools needed:

• STP26 - Plum Designer Ink
• TSE91 - Encore Pad - Gold
• Gold Paper Paint
• 1/4" Hole Punch
• 1/16" Hole Punch


  • Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers! Take the opportunity to let a friend know how much you appreciate them, too!
  • We basically need four rectangles of cardstock, one rectangle of vellum, and two hearts (one vellum and one corrugated. Here are the measurements for the cardstock:
    • #161-26 Long Cards - Plum: 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" (half of pre-cut card)
    • #161-24 Long Cards - Oak Brown: 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" (half of pre-cut card)
    • #161-45 Long Cards - Vintage Mauve: 1 1/2 x 2"
    • Dark Brown Cardstock: 3 x 3/4"
    • COR100 - Kraft Corrugated roll: approx. 3 x 4 1/2" (flutes vertical)
  • Let's start with the most prominent image on this card - the heart! Stamp the Bold Curly Heart on Ecru Vellum with Embossed Dots, in gold pigment ink (we use a Gold Encore pad) and emboss with Tiffany Gold Embossing Powder. Whem embossing has set, cut heart out and set aside.
  • Cut a large heart (about 4 1/2" high and 3" wide at the widest point, or click here to use this pattern, trace the pattern on the smooth side of the corrugated) out of the kraft corrugated paper and paint the surface lightly with gold paper paint.
  • When paint is dry, attach vellum heart using a gold brad to corrugated heart (note sample for placement).
  • Punch a series of three 1/4" holes along the top right margin of the heart, and tie in lengths of the featured ribbons, one per hole. Set this aside for now.
  • Stamp "Memories" (last line of "Two Hearts" Stamp of the Month) on the dark brown rectangle of 3 x 3/4"in gold paper paint, and attach to the bottom left corner of the pre-cut rectangle of Plum cardstock as shown.
  • Attach two hearts as shown - use mounting tape, because these hearts will hold a little card in place. Place tape around the edges of the corrugated heart but leave the top right corner open to receive the card. You might want to wait on this step until the little card is complete, so you will know how much space you need.
  • Now for the little card in the middle! Fold your rectangle into a card 4 1/4 x 2 3/4", with the texture on the outside.
  • Stamp Folk Heart and Scroll Pattern Elementson the front of the card with gold paper paint.
  • Stamp a smaller heart from the Sweet Hearts Foam Stamp Set on the inside, with Scroll Pattern Elements, with gold paper paint. Note sample for placement. Set card aside for now.
  • When paint is dry on inside and outside, stamp Fleur Motif with Gold Pigment ink on the front of the card and emboss with glitter embossing powder.
  • Stamp "I'm Glad There is You" in Plum Designer Ink on the small mauve rectangle (see step 2 for size). Add dimension to the square by using the stamp pad to color the of the paper and add texture to the front. Attach to the left-hand of the inside of the card as shown.
  • Stamp the "Friendship" portion of "Friendship is a Great Place" in Plum Designer Ink on Ecru Vellum with Embossed Dots and give it time to dry. Cut into a small rectangle, approximately 1 x 1/2", and tear and krinkle the edges.
  • Punch one 1/16" hole at either end of the vellum rectangle and the Plum cardstock and attach using gold brads. Note sample for placement.
  • Light up the Valentine's Day of a special friend this year!