January 2014 - Love Is Valentine's Day Card

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  • TIP. Stamp a couple of times on scratch paper to make sure your stamp is well inked before stamping on the finished product. This will help avoid any mistakes on your finished product...which happens to all of us! Just remember, scratch paper is always your friend!
  • Take out the Mini Red Heart vellum rectangle. Face the hearts up and stamp F4217 Big Love in the center of the paper with a black permanent ink (like Staz-On). Then stamp A3869 Be My Valentine in the same black permanent ink in the bottom right hand corner of the paper. Set aside to dry.
  • Next, take out the Frost White vellum rectangle. Line up E3191 Love Is about 1" down from the top of the paper and the right side of the stamp should be about 2 1/2" from the right side of the paper (leaving a 3/4" border from the right side). Stamp in black permanent ink. Set aside to dry.
  • Grab the Holly Berry Red Greeting Card, the Red Gingham paper, and the Heart Doily. Face the greeting card so that the fold is on top and the opening is the bottom edge. Line up the Red Gingham paper to the right side of the card (there will be a 3/4" red border on the left hand side) and glue down. Then line up the Heart Doily as far to the right as it can go and along the bottom edge, glue down. Note sample. (We used double stick tape and stuck it behind the three circles in the doily to hide the tape.) Set aside.
  • After letting the stamped vellum dry for at least 10 minutes, take out the White Cardstock rectangle. Line up G4219 Painted Heart so that the left side on the stamp is about 3/4" in from the left and 1" down from the top. Stamp in Holly Berry Red Designer Ink.
  • Now lay the Frost White vellum rectangle stamped with "Love is" and lay it over the White Cardstock rectangle. Using a 1/16" double hole punch, punch through both papers centered right along the top edge of the rectangle. Stick the red tipped straight pin through the holes. Then glue down the White Cardstock rectangle to the center of the inside of the Holly Berry Red Greeting Card.
  • Take out the Red Heart Button and Bakers Twine. Thread the button onto the twine and tie a bow to the backside of the button to secure it.
  • Grab the stamped Mini Red Heart Vellum Sheet. Glue down to the front of the card, overlaying the Red Gingham and Heart Doily. Place your tape or glue strategically to hide it, like behind the "Be My Valentine" or along the top left corner where the button is going to go, or along the red lines of the gingham paper.
  • Attach the Red Heart Button to the top left hand corner of the front of the card. (We used a thin pop dot.) Trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.
  • And you're all done! Congratulations! Now you have the perfect card to send out on Valentine's Day to remind a loved one, family, co-workers, or friends what Valentine's Day is all about...love!